Compare the Best Memorial Day Mattress Sales This Year

Best Memorial Day Mattress Sales in 2016

Sales on Memorial Day are the last chance to get a deal on beds before the summer heat settles in. Luckily, you can find some great offers on nearly every brand and type of bed during these end-of-May discount days. To help out, we have some tips for the savvy shopper this Memorial Day weekend.

Getting a new bed can be a life-changing experience. Don’t let the excitement or the pressure of limited-time deals get the best of you, though. Keep a level head and make a smart purchase you’ll be happy with for years to come at a price that’ll have you sleeping like a baby.

  • Don’t forget to bookmark this page and check back in mid-May! We’ll have the Best Mattress Deals Memorial Day 2016 Edition up ready complete with comparison tables and a list of all the major stores that will be having events.

How to Get the Best Mattress Deals

You can find any type of bed you are looking for during these holiday specials, as nearly every type of retailer is competing for your business. Memory foam, innerspring, latex and even adjustable beds are discounted during Memorial weekend mattress sales, so it can be well worth the wait and effort.

You can’t expect to simply stumble across the best mattress though, as plenty of deals are less sensational than they may appear, and not all are top quality. Many discounts are wildly inflated, and often times super cheap beds have low quality materials that’ll leave you aching for a new one before the end of the year. A little strategy and information can go a long way in ensuring you bring comfort and value home this summer.

To help you through the barrage of bargains, we’ve created this handy comparison and guide. You should be able to find a quality bed at a great price within our selection if you don’t want to spend hours shopping, or use the tips we’ve provided to start looking on your own.

When and Where to Start Shopping

The best time to start looking for Memorial Day mattress deals is right now! While many sales won’t start until the weekend before the Monday holiday (May 30th in 2016), retailers will be sharing their secrets a little earlier to get your attention.

If you’re ready for what is coming, you can act quickly and avoid the busy holiday hustle. Some offers may only be available in limited numbers; you don’t want to miss out. And, you probably don’t want to spend the 3-day weekend in a store either.

Tackle this by starting your research early, so you know what types and brands appeal to you, and what “normal” prices look like — this will help tell you what is actually a good markdown. Deciding on things you like ahead of time also makes you less likely to settle on something subpar just for the savings.

Most stores and dealers will be offering reduced rates for budget, mid-range and even luxury models. Retail locations and online stores alike share in the celebratory price reductions; in fact, online you’ll find a much bigger selection and often better deals and return policies. In order to get the best deal for you, shop around at several places. Check different stores and brands to see what they are offering in your price range and what seems like it would be a fit for your needs and sleep style.

Consider your Preferences and Be Discriminating

We are all different and our beds should reflect that. What do you want or need from a bed? Do you prefer firmer, softer or somewhere in between? Would you prefer latex, innerspring, or memory foam? How many years do you plan on using this bed, and is it for occasionally or nightly use? These are some things to think about before you go shopping.

Once you have your preferences in line, start looking at the available options. The internet is a great resource for reviews, independent ratings and shopping guides. You can even shop and compare many options online without leaving the house, with more depth and detail than you’ll find at most shops.

Look at several different retailers before making a decision. There are more factors to consider than you may think. Mattresses come in a variety of sizes, firmnesses and materials. Find the characteristics you want, then see who is offering it at the best price.

But, make sure you read about the brand you are buying. Reputable companies generally have good return policies and warranties, and don’t forget to look into them when shopping. Two retailers could be offering virtually the same bed at the same price. If one has better return policies or customer service reviews, the decision is pretty simple.

Often, you can try your new bed out for awhile and return it if you dislike it, the same as buying a bed any other time of year. Some companies have trial periods lasting for months even. Your shopping experience doesn’t necessarily end once you pay for the bed. But, some holiday deals may have short or no trial period, so make sure you are aware of the company’s return and warranty policies.

Your Guide to Memorial Day Weekend Mattress Sales

To help you navigate the annual discounts we’ve scoured the internet to provide you with some of the best Memorial Day mattress deals from a number of popular brands. Once we get them all together we will post them here. Stay tuned for the best Memorial Day weekend mattress sale ads from leading department stores, showrooms and online retailers.


Online at, dates to be announced.

  • Coming soon! Last year Amerisleep offered big discounts on their plant-based memory foam beds, as well as savings on adjustable bases and bedding.


Online at, dates to be announced.

  • Coming soon! Last year Astrabeds sale included pretty significant discounts on their organic latex beds as well as some savings on natural sheets and pillows.


Online at and in stores, dates to be announced.

  • Coming soon! Last year Macy’s sale included a few very cheap innerspring beds Sealy and Simmons, as well as discounts on their midrange and higher ends beds from Posturepedic and Beautyrest. Higher end lines like Tempurpedic and iComfort saw rebate gift cards by mail.

Mattress Firm

Online at and in stores, dates to be announced.

  • Coming soon! Last year Mattress Firm promoted a few doorbuster innerspring beds from Sealy and Simmons, as well as discounts on midrange models from Serta, Posturepedic and Beautyrest. They also had discounts on some Stearns and Foster beds, as well as store credit and gift cards with higher end lines like Beautyrest Black and Tempurpedic.


Online at, dates to be announced.

  • Coming soon! Last year, 1800mattress offered savings on Sealy and Beautyrest mid range models , a couple doorbusters on their house brand, and discounts or rebates with Serta iSeries and select Tempurpedic items.


Online at and in stores, dates to be announced.

  • Coming soon! Last year Sear’s ad had a few innerspring beds and basic memory foam doorbusters, markdowns on hybrids, rebates with Tempurpedic and store credit offers with select beds.


Online at and via retailers, dates to be announced.

  • Coming soon! Last year Serta had decent discounts on the entire iSeries and iComfort lines as well as adjustable bed savings.


Online at and in stores, dates to be announced.

  • Coming soon! Sleepy’s sale last year included door busters on their house brand foam and spring beds, promotional beds from Sertapedic and Beautyrest, as well as savings on Serta and free pillows with Tempurpedic.


Online at and via retailers, dates to be announced.

  • Coming soon! Last year the Tempurpedic Memorial Day weekend sale included discounts on a select line and mail in rebates on adjustable base sets.


Online at, dates to be announced.

  • Coming soon! Last year Walmart’s offers included small savings on their discount lines of innerspring and memory foam as well as savings on selected Beautyrest beds, available primarily online only.

Get the Most from Sales in 2016

It is a wise move to take advantage of Memorial Day sales on mattresses if you need to revamp your sleep space this summer. This opportunity comes but once a year. So, if you need a new bed, seize the day, then sleep easy all through the rest of the year. Budgeting for a large purchase can be hard to do. With the significant price reductions available along with other offers, you can make it happen a little more easily.

Start early and use your head.  Having more time and information will increase the likelihood of satisfaction with your bed purchase. A good bed is its own reward, but a good bed at a great price is even better. Shop smart during this spring’s 2016 Memorial Day sales!

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