2017 Guide to July 4th Mattress Sales

2017 Guide to July 4th Mattress Sales

The 2017 July 4th mattress sales are here again and with our help you can successfully find a bargain while shopping for a new mattress. Sealy, Tempurpedic, Amerisleep and many other retailers will be discounting their mattresses on and around the holiday.

The Best of the 2017 July 4th Mattress Sales

With so many great deal, some sorting is in order. Here we break the deals into categories based on the composition of the mattress:

Memory Foam Mattresses

Tempurpedic, Serta, Sealy and many more companies will be greatly discounting their memory foam mattresses for the 4th of July mattress sale. These mattresses are widely available and very popular. If you are looking for a memory foam mattress, be sure to look in to the foam densities, firmness, return policy and warranty.

Take a look at the deals being offered this year during the 2017 Fourth of July mattress sales:

BedSpecsSale PriceRetailer
Amerisleep AS3 Queen Mattress12” profile, medium
3” 4.0 lb plant-based MF
2" affinity layer
7” core
100 days / 20 years
Sealy Conform Fondness Queen Set12” profile, med-firm
?" gel MF top
?" foam layer
?” gel foam core
60 days / 10 years
Serta iComfort Blue 500 Queen Set11.25” profile, plush
0.75” ? Gel MF + 3.5" ? MF
7” core
120 days / 10 years
Beautyrest Black Ice Kelsie Queen Mattress12.5” profile, firm
1" ? MF + 3" ? MF top
1.5" foam layer
7” core
TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme Breeze Queen Mattress11.5” profile, med-plush
?” ?lb MF
?” core
90 days / 10 years


Innerspring Mattresses

The most commonly available mattress, innerspring mattress offers are sure to be plentiful. When you are looking for an innerspring mattress, be mindful of the coil count, quality of foams or padding, return policy and warranty.

Here are some of the innerspring mattress deals available this holiday season:

BedSpecsSale PriceRetailer
Serta Perfect Sleeper Teddington Queen Set10” profile, firm
?” foam top
800 pocket coils
60 days / 10 years
Hampton and Rhodes Limited Edition Windsor Parke Queen Set12.75” profile, plush
?” foam top
770 pocket coils
$899Mattress Firm
100 days / 10 years
Beautyrest World Class Hybrid 3.0 Cushion Firm Set13” profile, plush
?” foam + gel MF top
1000 pocket coils
60 days / 10 years
Serta Recognition Firm Queen Set13.5” profile, firm
Fiber + 1" foam + 1" gel MF + 2" foam top
1008 pocket coils
120 days / 10 years
Stearns & Foster Palace Luxury Plush Queen Set14.5” profile, plush
Fiber + 2" gel foam + 1.5" gel foam + 1.5" foam + 0.5" gel foam
1000 pocket coils
60 days / 10 years
Hotel Collection by Aireloom Vitagenic Copper Gel Firm Set12” profile, plush
?” copper MF, foam top
? pocket coils
60 days / 10 years
Beautyrest Black Hybrid Alcove Plush Queen Set13.5” profile, plush
Fiber + 3" gel MF + 1.5" foam top
850 pocket coils
$1,999Mattress Firm
100 days / 10 years

Adjustable Beds

These big-ticket beds are finding their way into more and more bedrooms. These 4th of July mattress sales are the perfect time to buy one of these highly -desired pieces of furniture. If an adjustable bed is on your list, take note of the bed frame’s features, policy and warranty.

Here are some great deals on adjustable beds:

BedSpecsSale Price (queen/spl king)DealRetailer
Amerisleep Adjustable Bed + AS2 MattressHead Angle: 58° / Foot Angle: 44°
Wireless Controls
Custom Presets
$3118 / $5077$300-$1000 off packagesAmerisleep
1-3/20 years
Serta Motion Perfect III Base + Blue 1000 MattressHead Angle: ?° / Foot Angle: ?°
Wireless Controls/Wifi
Custom Presets
$3099 / $NA$200 off with mattressSerta
2-5/20 years
Serta Motion Custom II Base + Blue 1000 MattressHead Angle: ?° / Foot Angle: ?°
Wireless Controls
Massage / Head Tilt
Custom Presets
$3799 / $6698$300-$600 off with mattressSerta
1-2-5/20 years
Tempurpedic Ergo Plus Base + Contour Supreme MattressHead Angle: 70° / Foot Angle: ?°
Wireless Controls
Custom Presets
$3598 / $6296$300 off bases w/ mattressTempurpedic
3-5/25 years
Tempurpedic Ergo Premier Base + Contour Supreme MattressHead Angle: 70° / Foot Angle: ?°
Wireless Controls/Wifi
Custom Presets
$4298 / $7696$300 off bases w/ mattressTempurpedic

The Top Picks

Below are our picks for the best mattress deals of the season by category. We weighed customer reviews, durability, price and overall value for each of the beds we’ve listed and these rated the best.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Amerisleep AS3 memory foam mattress

Amerisleep uses eco-friendly memory foam and advanced technology for a better night’s rest.

  • Amerisleep AS3, $1299 in queen. This bed is made with plant-based memory foam, a Greenguard-certified fire barrier and Celliant fabric cover, in a plusher firmness. Amerisleep.com has free shipping, good reviews and a free return program to ensure satisfaction.
  • Serta iComfort Blue 500 Set, $1599 in queen. This bed is made with gel memory foam and other foam layers, in a plush comfort level. Serta offers a generous return policy, though reviews are limited as this is a new model.

Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses may seem like a good deal, but they break down extremely fast.

Innerspring mattresses may seem like a good deal, but they can break down faster than other beds.

  • Beautyrest Recharge World Class Keaton Luxury Firm Pillow Top Set, $1197 in queen. This mattress has a high coil count for this price along with a gel foam top in medium firmness suitable for most sleep types. Macy’s offers a decent return policy and the line has a good reputation.
  • Serta Recognition Firm Queen  Set, $1499 in queen.   This mattress has a firmer foam top that back sleepers will likely enjoy along with pocketed coils. Sears upholds Serta’s generous return policy and the line has a good reputation, but limited details about foam quality are available.

Memory foam mattresses, hybrids, innersprings and more will be available at discount prices during the Independence Day mattress sales. This is one of the best times to acquire a new sleep system.

July 4th Mattress Sales Trends in 2017

These explosive deals July 4th mattress sales are sure to be remembered. Are you wondering what types of deals will be available? We are too. Our team will be scouring over ads, newsletters, skywriting and any other promotional material we can find to bring you the creme de la creme.

That is, we will be sifting through many deals to bring you the best in one convenient location. In addition, we have tips for navigating these sales successfully.

When Do Independence Day Mattress Sales Start?

This year, these sales will probably start on or near the first of July and will continue through Monday, the 4th of July. Some sales may last longer or start earlier, but most will be going on during that time.

If you want to get the most from the July 4th mattress sales this year, you need to start checking deals out early. Some items may be in limited supply, but more importantly, there are so many to choose from, it is important to do some research. The best purchases are not made in haste.

Where are the Sales?

You don’t have to drive all over town to find some great deals on mattresses during these July 4th mattress sales. More and more mattresses are available online. Even those old titans Serta, Sealy and Tempurpedic and most major department stores will have some mattresses available and discounted on the internet.

Retailers of all types will have unique promotions abound on the internet. We suggest comparing a wide variety of offers from different retailers in order to find the best deal for you. Go to retail stores, too if you can. You may find deals there that aren’t advertised. You can also find 4th of July sales via social media accounts for brands, by signing up for emails, or in local newspaper ads.

What Types of Offers will be Available?

The possibilities are endless, though there are a few more likely scenarios. Based on previous July 4th mattress sales, we can reasonably presume to see the following types of deals available:

  • Giveaways
  • Instant Discounts
  • Rebates
  • Online-Only Deals

These, in any combination, are likely to be abundant this year during the Independence Day sales. Discounts tend to be fairly significant. For example, on mid to luxury priced lines, you can often save around $200 or better over typical retail prices during holidays, and even more if you’re in the market for an adjustable base or pricey model.

How can I Find the Best Deals?

A good start is reading this guide. After you’re finished, you should do some of your own research and comparing. Don’t rely on our diligence, see for yourself. You may find some offers we didn’t come across.

On top of a thorough search and some number crunching, you can maximize your savings potential by:

  1. Starting your hunt early. Holiday sales are usually announced around a week before the holiday so retailers can start drawing customers in. The more time you have to compare and research, the better.
  2. Having a strategy. What kind of mattress are you looking for? What are your must-haves? What’s your ideal budget?
  3. Paying attention to the fine print. Fees for delivery, shipping and returns are important to note, as are time frames and terms of any rebates or sales.
  4. Skipping cheap eye-catchers. Doorbusters might be great for clothes and jewelry, but when it comes to a mattress, you will likely soon feel let down by the sub-par materials and lackluster warranties of promotional beds.
  5. Check warranties and return policies. What’s covered and for how long? How long do you have to return or exchange, and what fees and procedures are involved?

Make the Most of the Fourth of July Mattress Sales

There aren’t many times quite as good as this to find the right bed for you, in fact the next time you’ll see big deals is Labor Day, in September. So many retailers will be offering discounts and other promotions you will have no problem finding a great deal on a quality mattress.

These sales won’t last forever, but you should take some time considering your options. Read all the fine print and check warranties and return policies. Check reviews and be scrutinizing. If you are diligent, you will remember these July 4th mattress sales for years to come!

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