What Shoppers Say: Sealy Optimum Reviews

What Shoppers Say: Sealy Optimum Reviews

Review for this mattress line are somewhat limited as the mattress line was recently introduced in the market in 2012. While the information is currently sparse, there is enough evidence to provide consumers with a basic outline of what to expect as well as pros and cons of the Sealy Optimum mattresses. Here, we will discuss what consumers have reported so far about this bed as well as the industries perception of what to expect from this particular mattress.

Sealy: Brand Overview

The Optimum bed line reviews serve consumers by providing the pros and cons of the bed, and help shoppers contrast these results with competitors. The Sealy Optimum mattress line utilizes a gel-infused memory foam and along with a standard construction (no springs).  The idea behind gel-infusion is that this is supposed to reduce heat retention and off-gassing odors. This line is priced between $1299 and $3799 for a queen set, with six different options to choose from. The price range and marketing positions the Optimum line as a competitor off Serta iComfort, Simmons ComforPedic, other mid-priced lines, and to some degree, Tempurpedic (Sealy’s new owner).

The Sealy website does not support owner ratings, but we were able to collect and analyze about 60 reviews from retailer websites and third party sources.

Positive Reports

While the feedback is somewhat limited compared to other beds, there is some information that has been provided by the first consumers to choose this bed. Overall, the line seems to rate on par with averages for its mattress type, with about 80-83% of customers finding the bed satisfactory.

Similar to other beds of its kind in the market, this mattress receives high marks in motion isolation, pain relief and offers a broad range of firmness levels which ranges from soft to firm. Likewise, this mattress does not make disruptive noises as sleepers adjust positions since it is all-foam.  Basically, in the areas where memory foam excels, Sealy Optimum is also receiving positive feedback.

This bed comes in about average on odor and heat retention relative to other foam which is good on one hand, but may not bode well for the brands claims of cooler sleep.

Negative Reports

While there are certainly a number of positive aspects about this mattress, there are also a few cons that consumers have pinpointed.  One potential area of concern is that we found about 15% of reviewers mention issues with sagging within 12 months, and at least 1/4 seemed to mention excessive softness compared to floor models within 1-4 months.

The complaints of softening and impressions are important to weigh as the warranty only covers depressions of 1.5″ or more, which has caused distress for some reviewers. Comparatively, leading industry brands like Serta iComfort, Tempurpedic and Amerisleep all cover impressions at 0.75″, which may not bode well for Sealy’s confidence in their product’s long-term durability.

Some Seal Optimum reviews also complained of a “stuck in a hole” sensation, about 5-10%. This is caused by foams that are both temperature sensitive and slow-response, as they soften near your body and are slow to re-contour or adjust to movements. We also saw considerably more people than average complaining of lower back pain in the first 1-2 months of use. While a transition period is expected when going from springs to foam, complaints in reviews tend to be fairly minimal.

Overview of Reviews for this Mattress

Currently, the Sealy Optimum mattress is still a new product and reviews are thus limited. As more people choose this mattress, more information will be provided to provide a more balanced picture of the pros and cons, as well as address longevity questions. This mattress does come with a 25-year warranty so this may be the key to attracting consumers to the Sealy Optimum. Reviews indicate average performance on key factors, meaning that the line is not much more or less likely to be satisfactory than the average memory foam bed. While most reviewers report comfort and good sleep, there are a good proportion of owners with similar issues that be concerning to some buyers.  So far, Sealy Optimum reviews offer consumers some insight into this new and emerging brand, but it will take time for the market to offer a complete review of this mattress and whether it will emerge as a strong competitor.

2 thoughts on “What Shoppers Say: Sealy Optimum Reviews

  1. Louise Danahy

    I bought a sealy optimum temperpedic adjustable bed 3 years ago for $3570.00 from Jordan’s Furniture in Avon MA. I found it extremely comfortable from the day I bought it. Now three years later I feel like I am sleeping in a crater, which is uncomfortable and difficult to get up our of. I called Jordans’s Furniture, who have sent out an independent person to measure the depths of the indentations in the mattress. The craters are not deep enough to be covered under the manufacturers warranty therefore I am stuck with a very expensive, uncomfortable mattress.

  2. Abby


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