Buying A Latex Mattress Online Vs. In-Stores

The latex bed category continues attracting consumer attention as the “green revolution” spreads. This type of a bed has a number of perks such as being able to provide the proper comfort and support that is second to none when it comes to the mattress market. However, for many consumers that are interested in latex beds, it may be confusing to know if it is better or even possible to buy latex mattresses online rather than in-stores. Here, we will discuss the benefits of buying a latex mattress online as well as top industry brands.

Buying A Latex Bed Online Vs. In-Stores

Why Shopping Online is Better for Latex Beds

Consumers are now living in an era where everything can be accessed online and this is also true for mattresses and bedding. In fact, there are a number of advantages to buying online that perhaps consumers have never considered. In reference to our recent article about buying a mattress online, here is a recap of a few of the top reasons for purchasing a bed online:


Shopping for a mattress online is as simple as a click, literally. Shoppers can sit down in the privacy of their home and spend as much time as they want looking around the web for the best mattress options. They don’t have to wait for a store to open or even get in their car and drive across town. Instead, they can access the internet any time of the day and purchase their mattress on their own time.

Less Pressure

Consumers don’t have to worry about whether or not a store is about to close or if a salesperson needs to take their lunch break. Instead, the shopper can take as much time as they need and worry about nobody other than themselves. Less pressure means less chance of making a snap decision you’ll regret.

Better return policies and in-home trials

Online retailers offer some of the best return policies and in-home trials because they understand that the consumer only had research to go on when making the purchase. This offers shoppers that added security in making the purchase online.

Greater Availability

Specialty mattresses, especially latex, are more widely available online. Often, showrooms only have a limited selection and they ultimately order the bed for you anyhow. Cut out the middle-man and you will save yourself some time and money.

Better Prices

Prices are generally better online and internet retailers still offer specials. Ultimately you will get the same quality for a much better price. When you purchase online you also don’t have to pay additional fees, including sales tax!

Owner Satisfaction

Owner satisfaction is higher for online buyers. This is especially true for online shoppers in search of a latex bed because high quality, all mattresses made of latex are primarily only available online.

Online Latex Mattress Brands

Mattress shopping blog recently released a study of consumer reviews and a comparison of top online brands. The reviews indicated marked satisfaction differences between all-latex beds and latex blend/latex over foam mattresses. In their brand comparison they examined the key factors like latex type, covers, chemicals, and warranties, concluding that organic natural latex beds offered the best value. The reasoning behind this included:

  • The mattresses are made of high-quality materials with certifiable documentation.
  • Use of 100% natural latex.
  • Eco Institut certification that the beds do not contain harmful substances or detectable levels of harmful VOCs.
  • Organic cotton makes the grade for Organic Cotton Standard.
  • Organic wool serves as the fire barrier rather than chemically-treated fabrics.
  • In comparison to other brands, Astrabeds is one of the most affordable organic options with beds starting at $1299.
  • With a warranty of 25 years, Astrabeds has one of the longer warranty lengths in the industry. Return periods of 90 days and layer swaps also provide peace of mind.
  • Unlike some manufacturers, Astrabeds offers verified reviews. This allows consumers to know that what they read about Astrabeds is accurate and learn about pros and cons from real owners.

Here are the results from the post:

See How Top Companies Compare

CompanyBase PriceLatex TypeCoverAdjustable LayersGlueFlame RetardantWarrantyReturn PolicyVerified ReviewsWebsite Usability
Astrabeds$1299Organic DunlopOrganic CottonYesNoWool25 yrs90 daysYesA
Life Kind$1,595Natural Talalay / Organic DunlopOrganic CottonYesNoWool20 yrsNANoB
Habitat Furnishings$1,199Natural Talalay/DunlopAloe Knit or Organic CottonNoYesWool20 yrs365 daysYesD
Sleep EZ$995Blended Talalay / Natural Dunlop/TalalayCotton or Organic CottonYesNoRayon20 yrs120 daysNoD
Flobeds$1,999Blended/Natural TalalayCotton/Organic CottonYesNoWool20 yrs100 daysNoC

All Latex vs Latex Over Foam

 100% Natural LatexLatex over Foam
Owner SatisfactionAC
Natural MaterialsAC
No Off GassingAD
Relieving Back PainAD
Doesn’'t Hold HeatAC
Return PoliciesAC
Life SpanAB
Average Queen Price$2,500 $1,500


Purchasing a latex mattress online may seem like a challenge, but it is actually a terrific way to find the perfect mattress for you. There are a number of issues that you simply do not have to worry about when buying online. Instead, you can shop conveniently, affordably, and easily via the web.  With solid brands like Astrabeds gaining a solid reputation, this will allow consumers the confidence to buy a bed made of latex online.

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