Survey’s In! See What Fellow BMR Readers Say About Beds

Survey's In! See What Fellow BMR Readers Say About Beds

From time to time, we include reader polls on Best Mattress Reviews articles to see what you have to say, or how you feel about subjects. In addition to providing us information about what you want to read, these polls also provide interesting insight into shopping preferences and other trends.

BMR’s Top Surveys: Results

Curious to see how your answers compare to others? Here’s the results so far from our 4 most popular polls of 2013.

1) Which type of mattress are you most likely to buy next?

We asked you which type of bed you were most likely to choose next, with choices including memory foam, latex, innersprings, or water beds. The top seller in the industry remains innersprings, which hold 70-80% of the market, with memory foam coming in second at about 20%. The results from our survey (which gathered over 100 responses) were quite surprising however, as they did not appear to follow this trend. Either our audience appears to be a different demographic, or tides may soon be changing in the mattress world.

  • 56% said Latex Mattress
  • 23% said Innerspring or Coil Mattress
  • 12% said Memory Foam Mattress
  • 1% said Water Bed

2) How long have you had your mattress?

The average lifespan of a mattress is estimated to be around 5-10 years by most bed and sleep organizations, so we were curious how long our readers had been using their current mattresses. This was our second most popular poll of 2013, and it too yielded surprising results. Even though sleep hygiene experts and the mattress industry recommends replacing beds every 8-10 years, it seems as though the majority of people use their beds much longer, which could contribute to pain and discomfort according to some sleep studies.

  • 66% reported having their current beds longer than 10 years
  • 15% had their beds 7-9 years
  • 11% had their mattresses less than 5 years
  • 7% had their mattresses 5-7 years

Want more? See how the mattress types compare on durability and lifespan in our guide.

3) How much do you plan on spending for your next mattress?

The mattress industry and several top brands have seen unpredictable growth since the recent recession hit, so we wanted see what price range our readers anticipated seeking for their next bed. estimates that the average consumer pays around $1500-2000 for a new mattress depending on type, and our survey results mirrored this information, showing the greatest percentage of people looking at mid-priced beds. However, a significant percentage were still planning on spending much more, which is a good sign for luxury mattress brands.

  •  44% plan on spending $1000-$2000
  • 35% plan on spending $500-$1000
  • 15% plan on spending over $2000
  • 7% plan on spending less than $500

Want to know more about price? See how discount and expensive mattresses compare and get tips for finding a good mattress under $1000.

4) Which review source do you favor when shopping?

In our article on where to find mattress reviews and how to use them when shopping, we asked you where you prefer to look for reviews and ratings. While reviews may be most abundant on retailer websites, we were surprised to find that virtually none of our readers turned to the brands themselves first, but rather preferred to seek out independent review websites instead.

  • 50% prefer Consumer Review Websites
  • 22% prefer Testimonials
  • 11% prefer Forums/Blogs
  • 11% prefer Review Publications
  • 6% prefer Social Media
  • 0% prefer Brand/Retailer Websites

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