Top Adjustable Bed Brands Reviewed

Top Adjustable Bed Brands Reviewed

Adjustable bed bases remain a coveted item for those seeking added comfort or luxury in the bedroom. These types of beds allow users to adjust the angle of the head and feet, adapting to one’s body and individual needs. Long popular with seniors, adjustable beds are seeing a rise among younger demographics as well due to health benefits and luxury features like massage. However, due to their construction and price, it is important to research adjustable beds before making a purchase. These products are typically non-returnable (or costly to return) due to size, so buyers should look at aspects that relate to satisfaction and quality while researching products. In this article, we will look at a few retailers of adjustable beds and assess their products and policies on dimensions important to consumers.

The Adjustable Bed Retailers


  • Retail Method: Online.
  • Models Sold: Amerisleep Adjustable Bed
  • Price Range, Queen size: $1900


  • Retail Method: Online.
  • Models Sold: Currently, the L&P S-Cape,  Sleep Science
  • Price Range, Queen size:  $1259-1399

Golden Rest

  • Retail Method: Online.
  • Models Sold: Standard, Supreme, Ultrapedic, Classic, Elite, Premium
  • Price Range, Queen size: $1650-2550 (includes base mattress)

Sleep Comfort

  • Retail Method: Phone sales.
  • Models Sold: Simplicity, Symphony, Monarch, L&P Prodigy
  • Price Range, Queen size: Not disclosed.
BrandPriceConsumer RatingsHealth BenefitsDurabilityWarrantyTotal
Golden Rest333333
Sleep Comfort144453.6

Adjustable Bed Comparison Factors

The chart above summarizes our findings based on research from retailer websites, third party review websites, and other consumer resources. Each aspect was rated on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being highest. In the following sections, we go into more detail about why we rated as we did and what significance each factor has for consumers.


Price is a huge factor when it comes to products of all kinds, not just adjustable beds. Consumers need to understand that when they are purchasing an adjustable bed it is an investment they’re making for years to come. With prices typically over $1000 for products of good quality, you expect it to last and offer features comparable to others in the same price range.  Just because a good deal is found when it comes to price, does not mean that this is the best bed for your budget. Likewise, the most expensive option isn’t always the best. When we ranked brands for price we looked at few factors: the actual price, options included in price, and transparency of pricing.

The top ranking brand in this category is Amerisleep, which offers the lowest luxury-model starting price of $1900 for a queen size base, with transparent pricing. The lowest ranking brand was Sleep Comfort, which does not publish pricing and instead price orders individually (allowing for price gouging and encouraging underhanded sales tactics, while forcing consumers to negotiate).

Consumer Ratings

Consumer ratings are some of the most clear-cut ways to judge products, based on what consumers are saying about them. However consumers need to really look into what is being said, because not everything that one customer likes about a product, is beneficial to another. In our analysis, we looked at reviews on the retailers’ websites, third party consumer review sites, and other independent product review sources. We gave the most weight to verified owner reviews, and focused on patterns of complaints or compliments across the spectrum of opinions.

In this category, Amerisleep ranked highest at 4.8, with verified reviews on their website ranging mostly from 4.7-5.0 stars/5. Most brands received a respectable 4 stars, with some consistent complaints regarding cost vs value, or issues with retail policies.

Health Benefits

Many individuals find that sleeping on the wrong position can negatively impact their daily lives, and that minor changes can help with pain or symptoms of disorders. Nearly every adjustable bed will offer some health benefits as elevating the head or feet can aid in improving circulation, reducing swelling, alleviating lower back pain, and reducing symptoms of acid reflux. In measuring this concept, we looked for mentions of health benefits in reviews, as well as the availability of features like zero gravity and massage.

The seven brands were graded and when he came to the health benefits most of them had good ratings, and only one scored a three. Amerisleep scored five for both mentions of improvements and availability of comfort features like pillow tilt and programmable options.


The longevity of the adjustable bed in question is also a critical factor, because it goes hand-in-hand with price. With a product in this price range, most consumers would expect a lifespan in excess of 10 years. In assessing durability, we looked at reports of early wear in reviews, the materials used in construction, the load capacity of the motors, and the quality certifications of the products (like ISO and UL).

Sleep Comfort and Amerisleep scored fours in this regard, with necessary quality certifications, heavy duty motors, and limited reports of durability issues not covered by warranties. Golden Rest got a 3, with concerns regarding complaints and materials. Costco scored the lowest with more complaints, especially focused on difficulty resolving warranty issues with manufacturers.


Often consumers find that when they go to purchase an adjustable bed, or mattress for that matter, they’re confronted with a salesman or an advertisement that says the product has a long warranty. Buyers should pay more attention however, as these warranties are almost always prorated, something which some salespeople may not willingly disclose. The warranty may not cover mechanics, electronics, fabrics, or other components, or may do so for only a limited time. When looking at warranties, we looked for easily accessible and transparent policies, as well as what consumers had to say about easy of filing claims or feelings of being mislead. Higher scoring brands had the best full-coverage policies and greater transparency.

Amerisleep and Sleep Comfort rated highest here, both with transparent policies. Amerisleep offers 2 years full coverage, 5 years full parts. Sleep Comfort offers 1 year full, and lifetime full coverage for parts less shipping. All other brands averaged in at 3. Costco ranges from 1-2 years full and 2-5 years parts; while Golden Rest offers only 1 year full.


  • Amerisleep – 4.6
  • Sleep Comfort – 3.6
  • Costco – 3.0
  • Golden Rest – 3.0

Our comparison yielded some interesting results, namely that one of the more affordable options offered the highest customer satisfaction rating and scored best overall. Top-rated adjustable beds from include a range of basic and luxury models, and the retailer frequently offers deals on memory foam mattresses and memory foam adjustable bed sets.

While all adjustable bases where shown to offer health and comfort benefits, the price, quality, and durability can vary greatly. Our comparison offers a good introduction to the adjustable bed market and an overview of important features likely to be important to shoppers. We offer this adjustable bed comparison as a starting point for shoppers doing their own research, and recommend looking at these and other features in order to pick the bed that will best meet your individual needs.

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